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Altar is here and is ready to save your skin.

Formulated with ritual in mind, Altar brings everything forward - hydration with beta glucans and hyaluronic Acid. Repair, mega doses of the enzyme telomerase (anti aging via cell protection), inflammation reduction, and incredible extracts like chaga, reishi and tramella mushroom as well as purslane. Above this, Organic Jojoba and Kalahari Melon oils round out this lightweight magical Serum.

May Chang, Rose and Neroli adorn this Serum with an enchanting yet grounded tone.

How + who to use:

This is best used as the first layer post cleansing in your skincare ritual. It is fast absorbing as it is loaded with hyaluronic acid and humectants- it will nourish the skin and bring powerful hydration under your daily serum/moisturizer. Can be used as a lightweight moisturizer for some skin types.

Great for all skin types.


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