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Get extra strength bioactive repair and support with these topical skin supplements. Add into your routine after cleansing, before moisture/mists or serums. Use in your morning prep, your self care ritual before gua sha, or before bedtime.

Choose the best barrier for you♡

Quench: restore and drench in hydrating support with Rose, Astragalus, Schisandra, Chia.

Calm: ease red, irritated and inflamed skin with calendula, chamomile and Milky oats.

Cleanse: clarify and decongest stagnant skin, warm and move lymphatic flow bringing back clear and contoured skin. Lymph support with red clover, clever, Juniper, Pine and rosemary.

Each barrier blend is made with organic hydrosols, organic grape alcohol, flax organic glycerin and 100% organic or wild harvested plant actives/ botanicals

Bioactive Barrier - Topical Skin Supplement

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